Greg Howick

PCI Commercial Consultant

A little about me

Greg is a Registered Valuer in New South Wales with over 32 years experience in sales and portfolio development. From a solid grounding in Property Trust work in Melbourne, with experience covering shopping centres, industrial park developments, high rise office buildings and strip centre retail outlets.

From the 6 years with the Perpetual Property Trust (Victoria) through to current agency practice this experience has allowed Greg to develop into the pre-eminent commercial agent in Wagga Wagga.

Previous organisational experience Greg holds includes a State Board position with Apex and is a Life Member of Apex. Greg is also a life member of the Wagga Wagga Water Polo Club and has held Executive and Secretary positions within the club. Greg has also served on the Board of the Southern Sports Academy for the past 10 years. Greg is also on the board fo the Wagga Wagga Country Club.

Together with Tim West, the two formed Professional Commercial and Industrial Real Estate (PCI) which operated for 13 years and merged with Fitzpatricks Real Estate in 2012.

Greg is involved in the majority of the commercial sales and leasing transactions within Wagga and was a consultant in the development of the Wagga Wagga Marketplace, Homebase Bulky Goods Centre and South City Shopping Centre.


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