Tenancy Application Form

Please download, complete and email the forms to rentals @ fitzpatricks.com.au or print and fill out the forms and hand them in to the Fitzpatricks Real Estate, 138 Baylis Street, Wagga Wagga. Please refer to the Tenancy Application for the supporting documents required.

Download Tenancy Application Form

Notice to Vacate

Notice Periods to Vacate Property

Notice must be given in writing to Fitzpatricks Real Estate when ending the Tenancy.  Please be aware email is still not accepted as an official form of notification and that you need to complete the official Notice to Vacate form.

Fixed Term Lease
If you want to end your tenancy when the fixed term period is ending, you need to give at least 14 days notice. This notice can be given up to and including the last day of the fixed term.

Continuation Lease
Once the fixed term lease has expired you are required to give 21 days notice in writing.  The landlord or agent must give you 90 days notice.

Break Lease
If you want to end the tenancy agreement early, you should give us as much notice as possible and you are required to complete our Notice to Breaklease form.  We will endeavour to let the property as soon as a suitable tenant is found, however you are still responsible for the rent until this happens.

Change of Tenants
Is your housemate moving out during the fixed term lease?
If you or your housemate want to move out of the property or change housemates during a fixed term please contact your property manager on whether this can be done and how to do this.  This change is still subject to landlord approval.

View Notice To Vacate
View Breaklease Notification to Vacate Premises
View Shared Tenancy Notice to Vacate

Final Inspection Checklist

This checklist will assist you prepare the property for final inspection. We recommend you retrieve your signed condition report and use as a guide.

View Final Inspection Cleaning Checklist

Direct Debit Form

Please fill out and return to Fitzpatricks Real Estate

View Direct Debit Form

Direct Debit Alteration/Cancellation Request

Please fill out and return to Fitzpatricks Real Estate

View Direct Debit Alteration/Cancellation Request

Landlord Bank Details Alteration Request

Please fill out and return to Fitzpatricks Real Estate

View Landlord Change of Bank Details Alteration Request

Zero Tolerance Policy for Late Rent Payments

At Fitzpatricks Real Estate we pride ourselves on our careful tenant qualification and screening processes. Applications are approved ONLY on the grounds that we are confident that the rent will be paid on time. However a minority of tenants still get behind despite all our tenant screening processes.

Based on this we are re-enforcing to each tenant our Zero Tolerance policy for late rent payments.

View Zero Tolerance Policy


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